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Fig. 2.1 (A) A back view summary of the
Anatomy Trains myofascial meridians described in
this topic, laid over a figure from Albinus.
(Reproduced with kind permission from Dover
Publications, NY - see also Fig. In. 1) (B) A
dissection of an Anatomy Trains 'station'. Notice
how the serrated attachments fan out to connect
to the periosteum of the ribs, but some of the
fascia travels on to the next 'track'. Notice also
how the arterioles use the fascia as scaffolding.
(Reproduced with kind permission from Ronald
Thompson.) (C) The lower section of the
Superficial Front Line, showing a dissection of the
continuous biological fabric which joins the
anterior compartment of the lower leg - toe
extensors and tibialis anterior - through the bridle
around the patella and into the quadriceps, spread
here for easy viewing. Notice the inclusion of the
fascia profundis (crural fascia) layer over the tibia.
This is explained more fully in Chapter 4, but
serves here to demonstrate the concept of the
myofascial 'track'. (Photo courtesy of the author
and Laboratories for Anatomical Enlightenment.)
(DVD ref: Video and audio available: Early
Dissective Evidence)
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