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Fig. A3.5 Although no traditional acupuncture meridians cross the
sagittal midline, the traditional Sen lines of Thai yoga massage
cross the midline in front at the hara. (Adapted from Salguero CP.
Traditional Thai medicine: Buddhism, Animism, Ayurveda. Prescott:
Hohm Press, 2007, and used with the kind permission of C.
Pierce Salguero,
Fig. A3.6 The Kalatharee line particularly echoes the Front
Functional Line, connecting the Superficial Front Arm Line across
the midline to the Deep Front Line in the leg of the opposite side.
(Adapted from Salguero CP. The encyclopedia of Thai massage.
Forres, Scotland: Findhorn Press, 2004, and used with the kind
permission of C. Pierce Salguero,
Fig. A3.7 It has been demonstrated that rotating the needles in acupuncture 'winds' the extracellular matrix around the shaft of the
needle (in a mouse, at least). What relation this clearly visible interaction between the needle and the ECM has to therapeutic effects
has not yet been elucidated. Acoustic and optical images of subcutaneous tissue with unidirectional needle rotation. (A) Fresh tissue
sample imaged with ultrasound scanning acoustic microscopy; (B) the same tissue sample was formalin-fixed after ultrasound imaging,
embedded in paraffin, sectioned, and stained for histology with hematoxylin/eosin. Scale bars: 1 mm. (Reproduced with kind permission
from Langevin et al 2002.)
connected at the cellular and histological level with
the new mechanotransduction communication channels
being discovered among the connective tissue cells
such as fibroblasts and leucocytes and the ECM complex
surrounding them. Further research promises to be
exciting for the field of acupuncture, movement reha-
bilitation and education, and therapeutic manipulation,
as these approaches draw together into a 'unified field'
Finally, there is the real question as to whether both
the Anatomy Trains system and the acupuncture map
might not both arise from the same organismic responses
to body development, movement, and protection.
Australian osteopath Phillip Beach has developed the
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