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Liver meridian
Deep Front Line
Fig. A3.3 The Deep Front Line corresponds with the Liver meridian, though the inner line of the leg seems to have a lot in common with
the Kidney meridian as well, which terminates in the inner arch as the Deep Front Line also does. (Used with the kind permission of Dr
Peter Dorsher.)
Stomach meridian
Bladder meridian
Spiral Line (anterior and posterior)
Fig. A3.4 The Spiral Line set of myofascial continuities can be approximated by combining the Stomach meridian and Bladder meridian,
but the correspondence is a stretch. On the other hand, the Spiral Line does 'parasitize' the Front, Back, and Lateral Lines - sharing
muscles and fascia with each of these lines - so perhaps it is not such a stretch that this meridian should also be derived from other
meridians. (Used with the kind permission of Dr Peter Dorsher.)
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