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Fig. A2.13 The integrating sessions are a chance to bring harmony and coordination to the 12 myofascial meridians, moving
progressively up the body Session 9 deals with the pelvis and legs, session 10 with the torso and breath enhancement, session 11 with
the shoulders and arms, and session 12 with the spine and neck relating out to the whole body (With thanks for use of Albinus' brilliant
drawing, courtesy of Dover Publications.)
'drape the toga' of the myofascia over a balanced
• Work from the outside in, and then inside out. Sort out
the compensations in the more superficial layers
first, as far as is practical, before taking on the more
deeply embedded patterns. In general, look for a
is. 'Put it where it belongs and call for movement',
was Dr Ida Rolf's terse summary of her method.
Frequently, for instance, the tissues of the
Superficial Front Line need to move up in
relation to the tissues of the Superficial Back Line,
which need to move down to more effectively
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