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base of the skull joins the first cervical vertebra
7. The top band (eye band) is the most difficult to
visualize. It originates on the bridge of the nose,
travels across the eye sockets and above the ears,
and includes the back of the skull just above the
occipital crest (the bump at the back of the skull).
1. Schultz RL, Feitis R. The Endless Web: Fascial Anatomy and
Physical Reality. North Atlantic Books, Berkely, 1996.
2. Keleman S. Emotional anatomy. Berkeley: Center Press; 1985.
Fig. A1.3 This somewhat more pessimistic view of the horizontal
body straps, drawn from Keleman's brilliant Emotional Anatomy 2 ,
nevertheless shows how these meridians of latitude act as controls
on the pulsation, flow, pressure, and shape of the inner tubes and
pouches of the organism. (Reproduced with kind permission from
Keleman 1985.)
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