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Fig. 11.19 The side view is the place to see front-back
differences, where what you see in the front is not necessarily
what you get in the back.
Fig. 11.18 The back view is often the easiest - because we tend
to make the front look good - to see strong right-left
discrepancies, as in these two structures.
underlying bony structure, but what one is looking
for here is an evenness of proportion between the
shoulder and pelvic girdle, and between the torso
and the legs, or the upper and lower body. Those
with more weight and substance in the legs and
pelvis versus the ribs and shoulders tend toward
the introverted; those with a large torso and
shoulders on top of smaller-built pelves and legs
will tend toward the extroverted (Fig. 11.20).
J. Somatic maturity
Grasping the kind of patterning in the skeletal geometry
and myofascial meridians of tension can lead to a dif-
ferent level of seeing, and thus a deeper level of work.
One of the most interesting contributions that can be
made by quality manual and movement work is related
to maturational development. As an example of what
can be accomplished, look at Reginald from the side, (A)
before Structural Integration, (B) just after the comple-
tion of a series of sessions (under the direction of Dr Ida
Rolf) and (C) one year later, with no further work (Fig.
11.21). The pictures have been adjusted only to make
them approximately the same size, since Reginald pre-
sumably grew over the year.
Before the work, Reginald shows a common random-
ized postural response: hyperextended knees, an ante-
riorly tilted pelvis, a posteriorly tilted rib cage, and an
anteriorly tilted neck, among other things. His shoul-
ders are integrated neither with the neck nor the rib
cage, essentially hanging off the back of the body, putting
Fig. 11.20 Although a large shoulder girdle on top of a cinched in
pelvic girdle is a quintessentially male pattern, and its opposite
more often found in the female, as here, you will find the
complementary patterns as well.
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