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Fig. 11.10
ment than its counterpart on the right. In the legs, the
posterior part of both SPLs could be dropped toward
the outer arch, but in the right leg, the anterior lower
SPL needs lifting from the arch to the ASIS. The fallen
arch and the medial rotation of the knee relative to the
tibia and foot are both indicators for this.
The shoulders and arms will require balancing work
once the rib cage has taken a more relaxed and centered
The key to this overall pattern, however, lies in the
Deep Front Line work, which has a chance, if the leg
length difference is not anatomical, to open the right
groin and allow the upper body to right itself. From the
groin, the psoas complex reaches up to the lumbar spine,
and freedom from the shortness in the right leg will
make all the difference to the lumbars, the rib cage, and
the neck.
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