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Fig. 11.9
2. Drop the tissues of the SBL from the shoulder to
the heel.
3. Lengthen the tissue of the right LL between the
hip and ear, especially in the lower ribs and lateral
abdomen. Lengthen the tissues of the left LL along
the outside of the left leg.
4. Lengthen the tissues of the upper right SPL from
the left hip across the belly around the right
shoulder and across again to the left occiput.
5. Ease and open the tissues of the right lower SPL
and work around the knee to de-rotate the strain
in the right knee.
6. Ease out the Deep Front Arm Line, especially the
pectoralis minor/coracobrachialis complex on the
right. Ease the Superficial and Deep Back Arm
Lines to let the scapulae find their proper position
farther away from the spine, and balance the
rotator cuff.
7. Lift the tissues of the Deep Front Line along the
medial side of both legs, and especially in the left
groin leading to the left lumbar spine (psoas
complex). Lengthen the tissues on the deep
anterior of the neck that are anchoring the head
into the chest and preventing chest excursion.
This outline covers at least several sessions, and
would be sequenced according to the principles of
Anatomy Trains treatment and myofascial release work
(see Appendix 2). The treatment plan would always be
subject to Step 5, reassessing in the light of new observa-
tions, the client reports, and palpatory experience.
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