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Fig. In. 23 The French
physiotherapist Leopold
Busquet, following Frangoise
Meziere, termed his muscle
linkages 'chaines musculaires',
but his concept of the linkages
is functional, whereas the
Anatomy Trains linkage is
fascial. Notice, for instance,
how the lines cross from front
to back at the knee. Such
connections are not 'allowed'
in myofascial meridians theory.
(Diagram reproduced from
Busquet 1992 (see also www. )
Fig In. 25 Andry Vleeming and Diane Lee described the Anterior
and Posterior oblique slings, very similar to the Front and Back
Functional Lines described in this topic (and very similar to the
ligne de fermeture and ligne d'ouverture described by Meziere).
Vleeming's Posterior longitudinal sling is contained within the
Superficial Back Line in this text. (A. Modified from Vleeming
et al 1995 4 2 with kind permission; B. reproduced from Vleeming
& Stoeckhart 2007 4 3 with kind permission; C. reproduced from
Lee 2004 with kind permission.)
Fig. In. 24 The German anatomist Tittel also drew some marvelously athletic bodies
overlaid with functional muscular connections. Once again, the difference is between
these muscular functional connections, which are movement-specific and momentary,
and the Anatomy Trains fascial 'fabric' connections, which are more permanent and
postural. (Reproduced with kind permission from Tittel: Beschreibende und funktionelle
Anatomie des Menschen, 14th edition © Elsevier GmbH, Urban & Fischer Verlag Munich).
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