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Fig. 10.37 A Lateral Line
stretch, and a Lateral Line
strengthening exercise.
Fig. 10.38 Spiral Line
Fig. 10.39 Arm Line
poses by turning the stretched back foot out (laterally
rotating the leg - see Fig. 10.35B and Fig. 9.29, p. 192).
All the Arm Lines are challenged by the shoulder-
and-arm focused poses. The Cow pose challenges pri-
marily the Superficial Front and Back Arm Lines,
whereas the Eagle pose challenges primarily the Deep
Front and Back Arm Lines (Fig. 10.39A and B).
Poses such as the Tree (Fig. 10.40A) are primarily
balance-promoting poses, passing all the lines from the
upper torso down through one leg, and promoting tonal
and neurological balance between the Lateral Line on
the outer leg and the Deep Front Line on the inner leg.
The Headstand pose (Fig. 10.40B) calls for balance among
all the torso lines - SBL, SFL, LLs, and SPLs, as well as
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