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Fig. In. 20 The lines in action in sport -
see Chapter 10. In this photo, the
Superficial Front Line is lengthened and
stretched, the Superficial Back Arm Line on
the right side sustains the arm in the air,
and the Superficial Front Arm Line on the
left side is stretched from chest to thumb.
The Lateral Line on the left side is
compressed in the trunk, and its
complement is conversely open. The right
Spiral Line (not shown) is more shortened
than its left counterpart.
Fig. In. 21 The lines showing
postural compensations - see
Chapter 11. (Photo courtesy of
the author.)
Fig. In. 19 A still from the Primal Pictures
DVD-ROM program on the Anatomy Trains.
(Image provided courtesy of Primal
Pictures, ) (DVD
ref: Primal Pictures Anatomy Trains)
Fig. In. 22 The German anatomist Hoepke detailed some 'myofascial meridians' in his 1936 book, which translates into English as
'Muscle-play'. Less exact but similar ideas can be found in Mollier's Plastische Anatomie (Mollier 1938). (Reproduced with kind
permission from Hoepke H, Das Muskelspiel des Menschen, G Fischer Verlag, Stuttgart 1936 with kind permission from Elsevier.)
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