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Fig. In. 15 The Superficial Back Line shown as a one-dimensional
line - the strict line of pull.
Fig. In. 16 The Superficial Back Line shown as a two-dimensional
plane - the area of influence.
Fig. In. 18 A still from the computer graphic video of the
Superficial Back Line. (Graphic courtesy of the author and
Videograf, NYC.) (DVD: A computer graphic video of this and the
other lines are on the DVD accompanying this topic)
of the German anatomist Tittel are likewise based on
functional, rather than fascial, linkages, passing through
bones with gay abandon (Fig. In. 24). 3 8 All of these 'maps'
have some overlap with the Anatomy Trains, and their
pioneering work is acknowledged with gratitude.
Since publication of the 1st edition, I have also become
aware of the work of Andry Vleeming and associates on
'myofascial slings' in relation to force closure of the
sacroiliac joint, 39,4 0 especially as applied clinically by the
incomparable Diane Lee 4 1 (Fig. In. 25). Vleeming's
Fig. In. 17 The Superficial Back Line shown as a three-
dimensional volume - the muscles and fasciae involved.
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