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quadratus complex, let the knee of the extended leg turn
medially toward the body, letting the heel fall out.
Moving the ribs away from the hip on the same side will
emphasize this stretch. To engage the inner pectineus-
psoas minor complex, let the extended leg turn out, with
the heel going in and the weight coming onto the inner
big toe. Drop the hip toward the floor a little and this
inner line through the groin will come into sharper
A lunge, or those asanas in yoga known as the 'warrior
poses', are common ways to induce a stretch in the
psoas, which work well as long as the lumbars are not
allowed to fall too far forward in the lunge, and the
pelvis is kept square to the leg in front (see Fig. 4.17A,
p. 105). One can explore these two local complexes from
this position (Fig. 9.29). To engage the outer iliacus-
The thoracolumbar junction (TLJ)
The upper end of the psoas blends fascially with the
crura and other posterior attachments of the diaphragm,
all of which blend with the anterior longitudinal liga-
ment (ALL), running up the front of the vertebral bodies
and discs.
The connection between the psoas and diaphragm -
just behind the kidneys, adrenal glands, and celiac
(solar) plexus, and just in front of the major spinal joint
of the thoracolumbar junction (TLJ: T12-L1) - is a criti-
cal point of both support and function in the human
body (Fig. 9.30). It joins the 'top' and 'bottom' of the
body, it joins breathing to walking, assimilation to elimi-
nation, and is, of course, via the celiac plexus, a center
for the 'gut reaction'.
Palpation guide 3: lower anterior track
The anterior septum of the adductors, or medial inter-
muscular septum, runs under the sartorius muscle, and
you can usually gain access to this 'valley' by feeling for
it just medial to the sartorius (Fig. 9.20). Like the sarto-
rius, the septum is medial on the thigh on the lower end,
but lies on the front of the thigh at its upper end. As
with the posterior septum, different clients will allow
you in to various depths, although this valley is more
Fig. 9.28 The outer line of hip-spine locals comprises the iliacus,
linking into the quadratus lumborum.
Fig. 9.29 Positions for emphasizing stretch in (A) the inner set of locals and (B) the outer set of locals.
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