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Bony stations
Myofascial tracks
Lowest common
Plantar tarsal bones, plantar surface of toes 1
Tibialis posterior, long toe flexors
Superior/posterior tibia/fibula 3
Fascia of popliteus, knee capsule
Medial femoral epicondyle 5
Lower posterior (see p. 186 for diagrams)
Medial femoral epicondyle 5
Posterior intermuscular septum, adductor magnus and minimus
Ischial ramus 7
Pelvic floor fascia, levator ani, obturator internus fascia
Coccyx 9
10 Anterior sacral fascia and anterior longitudinal ligament
Lumbar vertebral bodies 11
Lower anterior
Medial femoral epicondyle 5
Linea aspera of femur 12
13 Anterior intermuscular septum, adductor brevis, longus
Lesser trochanter of femur 14
15 Psoas, iliacus, pectineus, femoral triangle
Lumbar vertebral bodies and TPs 11
Upper posterior
Lumbar vertebral bodies 11
16 Anterior longitudinal ligament, longus colli and capitis
Basilar portion of occiput 17
Upper middle
Lumbar vertebral bodies 11
18 Posterior diaphragm, crura of diaphragm, central tendon
19 Pericardium, mediastinum, parietal pleura
20 Fascia prevertebralis, pharyngeal raphe, scalene muscles,
medial scalene fascia
Basilar portion of occiput, cervical TPs 17
Upper anterior
Lumbar vertebral bodies 11
18 Posterior diaphragm, crura of diaphragm, central tendon
21 Anterior diaphragm
Posterior surface of subcostal, cartilages, xiphoid process 22
23 Fascia endothoracica, transversus thoracis
Posterior manubrium 24
25 Infrahyoid muscles, fascia pretrachialis
Hyoid bone 26
27 Suprahyoid muscles
Mandible 28
be transferred to the outer lines of myofascia, but with
slightly less elegance and grace, and slightly more strain
to the joints and peri-articular tissues, which can set up
the conditions over time for injury and degeneration.
Thus, many injuries are often predisposed by a failure
within the DFL some years before the incident that
reveals them takes place.
'A Silken Tent'
The following sonnet by Robert Frost clearly and poeti-
cally summarizes the role of the Deep Front Line and its
relationship to the rest of the Anatomy Trains, and the
ideal of balance among the tensegrity system of the
myofascial meridian lines:
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