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Fig. 7.36 There is a mechanical link between the supraspinatus
and the long head of the biceps when the arm is abducted. This
forges a crossover link from the DBAL and the DFAL.
Fig 7.38 When the arm is hanging, the myofascial continuity travels
up from the hand to the short head of the biceps to the
coracoclavicular ligament to the trapezius, terminating at the occiput.
Fig. 7.37 The second tendon of the biceps brachii, which
connects into the fascia of the forearm flexors, creates a link
between the DFAL and the SFAL.
Fig. 7.39 The fascia of the deltoid is continuous with a portion of
the brachialis, making a connection between the SBAL and the
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