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while you support her weight. She is now hanging off
and leaning into her two Back Arm Lines. If you turn
her wrists and arms in a lateral rotation (palms up), your
client will generally feel the stretch (or restriction) in the
SBAL, from the trapezius on out through the extensors.
If you hold her wrists and arm in a moderately strong
medial rotation (thumbs down), she will generally feel
the stretch in the DBAL, through the rhomboids and
rotator cuff and on out that line (DVD ref: Shoulders and
Arm Lines, 17:53-18:27).
This exercise is full of 'generally' and 'probably'
because of the number of crossover muscles within the
arms (see Discussion 2, on crossovers, below). If a client
does not feel the stretch in the areas suggested, it is
worth noting where they do feel excessive stretch, as
working to get more length in reported areas will - once
again 'generally', because occupational patterns can be
very powerful in maintaining arm tensions - move the
client toward the 'normal' pattern outlined above.
Fig. 7.28 From the lateral
epicondyle, the common
extensor tendon, along with the
other deeper extensors, brings
the SBAL down to the back of
the hand.
Fig 7.29 The SBAL in dissection. In (A), the trapezius has been detached from the spinous processes and an unusually small
attachment to the occiput. The fascial fabric connection over the scapular spine has been retained, as has the strong fascial connection
from the deltoid to the lateral intermuscular septum, and finally the connection over the surface of the lateral epicondyle into the extensor
group. The extensor retinaculum can be seen still covering these extensor tendons, which were cut shy of the fingers. In (B), this
specimen has been laid over a classroom skeleton. (C) A fresh-tissue dissection of the SBAL, showing the same clear connections, but
with the forearm muscles separated out for clarity. (Photos and dissection courtesy of the Laboratories of Anatomical Enlightenment.)
(DVD ref: Early Dissective Evidence)
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