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Fig. 7.4 The Deep Front Arm Line in
dissection, in situ. The pectoralis major has
been removed to show the connections
between the pectoralis minor and the
Fig. 7.5 The pectoralis minor clearly connects fascially to the short
head of the biceps and coracobrachialis at the coracoid process,
but they only function in an Anatomy Train fashion when the arm is
nearly horizontal or above.
Bubclavius muscle
Costrocoracoid ligament
Pectoralis minormuscle
Clavipectoral fascia
Axillary fascia
Fig. 7.6 (A) The beginnings of the Deep Front Arm Line include not only the pectoralis minor muscle, but also other structures in the
same fascial plane from the clavicle down to the lower edge of the armpit. (B) This clavipectoral fascia which forms the proximal section
of the DFAL, seen here in the computer imagery of Primal Pictures, is nearly as large as the overlying pectoralis major. (Image provided
courtesy of Primal
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