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Fig. 6.14 The sole of the foot, showing the traditional view of the
biomechanical connection between tibialis anterior and the
peroneus longus at the 1st cuneiform / 1st metatarsal joint.
Fig. 6.13 The fascial continuity between the ITT and tibialis
anterior is very strong and easily dissected.
Peroneus (Fibularis)
longus m.
anterior m.
Fig. 6.15 The connection between the tibialis anterior and fibularis
longus tendons can be dissected. They each attach to the
periostea of the 1st metatarsal and 1st cuneiform, but they also
attach to each other. This connection is seldom displayed in
contemporary anatomy books or dissections.
Fig. 6.16 The sling (or stirrup, as it is sometimes called) of the
tibialis anterior and the fibularis longus connects the medial
longitudinal arch to the upper calf.
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