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Splenus capitis
Serratus posterior
Serratus interior
Fig. 6.3 The opening myofascial continuity of the Spiral Line is a fascial connection over the spinous processes (A) to the rhomboids
that go to the scapula. A branch line connection could also be made (B) to the serratus posterior superior muscle, which goes
underneath the rhomboids but over the erector fascia to attach to the ribs.
Fig. 6.4 A dissection of the upper Spiral
Line, showing the clear fascial continuities
from the skull to the hip, by way of the
splenii, rhomboids, serratus anterior, and
abdominal fasciae containing the oblique
muscles. The scapula has been removed
from this specimen, leaving a visible line,
but no break in the rhombo-serratus part
of the sheet. (DVD ref: Early Dissective
Fig. 6.5 Taken together, the rhomboids and serratus anterior, the next continuity in the
Spiral Line, form a myofascial sling for the scapula. Thus the scapula is suspended
between them, and its position will depend on the relative myofascial tone of these two.
(Adapted from Calais-Germain 1993.)
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