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Figure 13.9 Step-by-step guide: NP airway. (a) Lubrication of NP airway. (b) Insertion of airway. (c) Partial insertion: roll between fi ngers. (d) NP airway in
Further reading
Handy hints/troubleshooting
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A supervised session with an experienced anaesthetist is an ideal
environment to learn and practice these life-saving procedures.
If you have diffi culty ventilating a patient use two hands to hold
the mask/perform the jaw thrust and get an assistant to squeeze
the chamber of the bag-valve-mask.
Ensure the oxygen reservoir is fully infl ated on the bag-valve-mask
and connected to the oxygen supply ( not AIR! ).
NP airways tend to be better tolerated than OP airways in patients
with fl uctuating consciousness.
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