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These skills are rarely used and therefore diffi cult to practise. The
fi rst time you perform this procedure may be for 'real'.
Watch videos and practice on mannequins so you are familiar
with the technique and equipment used.
If you are appropriately trained, don't be afraid to use your skills
in an emergency.
vein with a needle and cutting down onto the needle will prevent
this in most cases.
Venous cutdown can be a useful technique when peripheral access
fails and intraosseous access is unavailable. It does carry with it
a greater morbidity, but this may be outweighed by the need for
circulatory access in the unwell patient.
Further reading
Bone injection gun™
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Figure 12.16 Cutdown method.
Box 12.3 Complications of venous cutdown
Damage to adjacent structures
Posterior wall perforation
Extravasation of fl uid or drugs
Local cellulites
Venous thrombosis
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