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Figure 12.9 FAST1™ insertion.
The needle should be removed within 24 hours by careful twist-
ing using forceps. The preset insertion site and depth markings may
be inadequate for some patients, leading to failure of the needle to
penetrate the medullary cavity. The device should be placed against
the insertion site before the safety latch is removed to reduce the
risk of accidental fi ring.
Drill-driven intraosseous needles
EZ-IO™ intraosseous infusion system
The EZ-IO intraosseous infusion system uses a hand-held power
drill to drive a hollow drill-tipped needle into the intraosseous
space (Figure 12.12). The EZ-IO™ needles come in both adult AD
(25-mm; 15G) and Paediatric PD (15-mm 15G) sizes (Figure 12.13).
Figure 12.10 BIG™ - adult and paediatric.
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