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(a) Wet hands under
running water
(b) Apply soap and rub
palms together to ensure
complete coverage
(c) Spread the lather over
the backs of the hands
(d) Make sure the soap
gets in between the fingers
(e) Grip the fingers on
each hand
(f) Pay particular attention
to the thumbs
(g) Press fingertips into
the palm of each hand
(h) Dry thoroughly with a
clean towel
Figure 3.1 Handwashing technique. (With permission from
(a) Apply the gel to the palm of one hand
(b) Press fingertips of the other hand to the palm
(c) Tip the remaining alcohol from one palm
to the other
(d) Press fingertips of the other hand to the palm
(e) Quickly spread alcohol onto all
surfaces of both hands, paying particular
attention to thumbs
(f) Continue spreading the alcohol until it dries
Figure 3.2 Alcohol rub decontamination technique. (With permission from
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