Healthcare and Medicine Reference
In-Depth Information
long lines, umbilical catheters, intubation, chest drain and aspira-
tion. The further reading list cites material that may be of use.
Further reading
Lissauer T, Fanaroff A. (2006) Neonatology at a Glance . Blackwell Publishing
Ltd, Oxford.
Mackway-Jones K, Molyneux E, Phillips B, Wieteska S. eds (2005) Advanced
Paediatric Life Support, 4th edn. Blackwell Publishing, Oxford.
Silverman M, Henderson N, O'Callaghan C. (2009) Practical Paediatric
Procedures . Hodder Arnold, London.
Handy hints/troubleshooting
Paediatric procedures are challenging yet fulfi lling. Gaining the trust
of the child is an important aspect of the process and a skill that will
quickly develop with practice.
Preparation is everything.
Perform procedures in the appropriate place with enough
assistance and equipment to hand.
Always have senior supervision until full competence is achieved.
Only perform necessary procedures (as infrequently as possible).
Use appropriate techniques and support to minimise suffering.
Always consult seniors when unsure.
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