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mitter receptors, and several of the cytoplasmic sig-
nalling pathways. We have begun to understand how
the most basic attributes of transmission and electro-
genesis develop, yet we have little understanding of
how these functional building blocks shape the com-
putational properties of a developing neuron. After
all, that is the goal of neural development. Why is
10,000 synapses the correct number for a cortical
pyramidal neuron, while an MNTB neuron receives
only a single synapse? Would each of these neurons
perform adequately with a different number of inputs?
Similarly, how does the number of glutamatergic
synapses influence the number of GABAergic or sero-
tonergic synapses? How would a neuron operate if
inhibitory synapses formed on dendritic spines,
instead of excitatory synapses? As we start to under-
stand how individual synapses are constructed, it
becomes critical to explore the activity-dependent
mechanisms that regulate their placement and
strength (Chapter 9).
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