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Table 5.1 Medical and Nonmedical Meanings and Connotations of Some
Elements of Reasoning and Communication
Frequent, but Not Exclusive Connotation
in Daily Life
Meaning in General and in Medical
Critical Thinking
An oral disagreement; contention.
Emotionally loaded and often tense
exchange of words, statements harm
and positions not always with a mutually
acceptable solution in sight.
A vehicle of reasoning; a series of
statements intended to establish a
position in medical problem
solving like diagnosis, treatment, or
that occurred, or in other aspects
of preventive and curative health
Confrontational exchange of views or
positions between two or more parties.
An often emotionally tainted dispute
about something.
The methodological use or
presentation of medical arguments
to solve a problem in medical
practice and research through the
exchange of ideas and statements
between two or more health
professionals, patients, and other
stakeholders in health.
The destructive process of tearing down
arguments of others in a game of
anything goes; “whip shooting”
The constructive investigative
process of exchange of arguments
and counterarguments based on
common understanding and
cooperative will to reach a
common goal; the best solution for
the problem of interest by way of
going from disagreement to
The undue use of exaggeration or
display; bombast; using language to
manipulate the listener by mere style or
pretention. (“ It's only rhetoric !”)
The faculty or skill of discovering
the available means of persuasion
in a given case. A means of
instruction involving not only
invention, arrangement, style,
memory, and what is correct, but
also evidence and its delivery. The
essence of communication today.
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