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There are four questions which in some form
or other every patient asks of his doctor:
(a) What is the matter with me? This is
diagnosis. Can you put me right?
(b) What will be my treatment and prognosis?
(c) How did I get it? This is causation.
(d) How can I avoid it in the future?
This is prevention. He may not be
called upon to attempt a full answer
to his patient, but he must give
a fair working answer to himself.
George Newman, 1931
in The Lancet
What can we say 80 years later? The same perhaps, but with some new per-
spectives, approaches, and answers.
He is the best prophet who guesses well,
and he is not the wisest man whose
guess turns out well in the event, but
he who, whatever the event be, takes
reason and probability for his guide.
Euripides, 489-406 bc
Forecasting is very difficult,
especially if it is about future.
Edgar B. Fiedler, 1977
Hindsight is always twenty-twenty.
Billy Wilder, 1979
When you have mastered the numbers,
you will in fact no longer be reading
numbers, any more that you read
words when reading a book.
You will be reading meanings.
Harold Geneen, 1984
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