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Box 5.1 Recommendations for Best Management Practices
in Relation to Diversity, from the Society for Human
Resource Management
Managing diversity
Organizations are beginning to recognize the impact of a diverse work force,
and the following recommendations by Performance Resources,
Inc. have
been made on how to better manage diversity.
Be flexible; try to adapt to the style of the person with whom you are
Understand that cultural differences exist.
Acknowledge your stereotypes and assumptions.
Develop consciousness and acceptance of your own cultural background
and style.
Learn about other cultures.
Provide employees who are different with what they need to succeed:
access to information and meaningful relationships with people in power.
Treat people equitably but not uniformly.
Encourage constructive communication about differences.
Benefits of diversity
Performance Resources Inc. described how organizations who value diversity
and learned to manage diversity effectively have experienced the following
Diversity brings a variety of ideas and viewpoints to the organization,
especially when creative problem-solving is required.
Diversity increases productivity and makes work fun and interesting.
Employees take risks, play to win rather than not to lose, and, as a result,
creativity, leadership, and innovation are enhanced.
Employees are empowered and have a sense of their potential and value
to the company.
Maintaining a positive workplace environment
The following steps have been recommended by Performance Resources Inc.
when organizations are attempting to maintain a positive work environment
in a continually changing and diverse workplace.
Understand that communication is the key to breaking down the cultural
barriers between people.
Be clear, concise and avoid slang, especially with those for whom English
may be a second language.
When a conflict arises, consider the possibility that the root cause may be
cultural in origin.
Be especially alert for the non-verbal
language of those whose cultural
background is different from your own.
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