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or safe avenues to express their concerns and frustrations through online
forums, informal gatherings, and affinity group meetings.
A process that does not take into account the diverse levels of lan-
guage and reading proficiency among the staff would represent bad man-
agement practice. This might also include not taking extra time to be
sure that information is understood regardless of the medium through
which it is transmitted in a diverse workplace. In spite of best efforts,
poor management practices continue to exist. These practices include
conformity to discriminatory customer preferences, allowing prohibited
stereotypes about jobs, and racially targeted recruitment procedures. Bad
management practices that are particularly pernicious are those aimed at
only attracting certain preferred or national origin group employees.
When addressing the problems of job displacement and workplace diver-
sity, organizations have numerous alternatives to downsizing, layoffs, and
reduction in force. Displaying compassion that clearly shows management
realizes the hardships that job loss and future job insecurity poses for
workers is an important management responsibility. During good eco-
nomic times workforce practices such as reduced work weeks, across-the-
board salary rises, attractive early retirement packages, retraining existing
employees, and voluntary layoff programs can be implemented ( Wexley &
Silverman, 1993 ). As additional information becomes available during the
recent economic downturn, managers need training to become more
open-minded about attempting to help workers cope with job insecurity
and layoffs. Redefining the way that workplace job displacement is orga-
nized and executed will require alternatives to traditional job design and
management methods. Managers have a greater responsibility to:
Identify and attempt
to alleviate sources of
job insecurity among
￿ Encourage feelings of being in control and of empowerment in the
￿ Show compassion when workers express feelings of job insecurity.
A poll by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)
(2010) described how diversity in the workplace has continued with
some positive trends, despite an economic downturn that forced drastic
cuts in many human-resource practices. The poll surveyed 402 randomly
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