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harassment policies, grievance procedures, and a number of sexual harass-
ment awareness-training programs. Some approaches have been utilized
to address the company's culture, with respect to gender bias and the
identification of potential harassment. Some researchers explained this as
an effort to make the workplace more conscious of sexual harassment
issues. Companies have been aware of these approaches for a long period,
but have not taken necessary actions once sexual harassment has been
identified ( Roberts & Mann, 2012 ). Recent news reports indicate that
sexual harassment has involved the highest levels of management, but
they appear unsure of how to adequately address it.
Schickman (1996) and other writers have seen sexual harassment result
in a loss of employee morale, diminished productivity, and the decline of
a company's public image. Given the current economic downturn, com-
panies need to recognize and seriously address the new legal grounds
available to victims. The cost of sexual harassment to victims is high and
is becoming more costly to businesses. Despite the high stakes involved in
sexual harassment, many employers continue to be unwilling or unable to
protect their own interests and those of their employees.
Boland (2002) and others found that when organizations, including
hospitals, colleges, and various other institutions, neglect to take positive
that provide psychological counseling and support,
harassment-related problems can lead to:
￿ Decreased productivity and increased team conflict;
￿ Decreased study/job satisfaction;
￿ Loss of students/staff—loss of students who leave school, and staff res-
ignations to avoid harassment; resignations/firings of alleged harassers;
￿ Decreased productivity and/or increased absenteeism by staff or stu-
dents experiencing harassment;
￿ Reduced success in meeting academic and financial goals;
￿ Increased health care costs and sick pay costs because of the health
consequences of harassment and/or retaliation;
￿ Undermining of ethical standards and discipline in the organization in
general if harassment is permitted;
￿ Damage to a company's or school's image if the problem is ignored or
not treated properly;
￿ High jury awards for the employee, and attorney fees and litigation
costs, if the problem is ignored or not treated properly (in case of fir-
ing the victim) when the complainants are advised to and do take the
issue to court.
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