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The American Institute of Stress (2012, p. 1) reports the following
data on workplace stress.
￿ Sixty-five percent of workers said that workplace stress had caused dif-
ficulties, and more than 10% described these as having major effects.
￿ Ten percent said they work in an atmosphere where physical violence
has occurred because of job stress; and, in this group, 42% report that
yelling and other verbal abuse is common.
￿ Twenty-nine percent had yelled at co-workers because of workplace
stress, 14% said they work where machinery or equipment has been
damaged because of workplace rage, and 2% admitted that they had
actually personally struck someone.
￿ Nineteen percent, or almost one in five, respondents had quit a previ-
ous position because of job stress, and nearly one in four have been
driven to tears because of workplace stress.
￿ Sixty-two percent routinely find that they end the day with work-
related neck pain, 44% reported stressed-out eyes, 38% complained of
hurting hands, and 34% reported difficulty in sleeping because they
were too stressed-out.
￿ Twelve percent had called in sick because of job stress.
￿ Over half said they often spend 12-hour days on work-related duties,
and an equal number frequently skip lunch because of the stress of job
Sometimes stress occurs when you fail to understand underlying issues
on a job and how petty jealousies about you and the work you do can
lead to very stressful experiences even when your work is at a high level,
as this story from a business consultant demonstrates:
A Personal Reflection on Job Stress: A Business Consultant
Tries to Help a Family-Owned Business
I am a long time business consultant. Recently, I worked with a mother-
daughter team who had successfully created a unique fabric store sewing
school. The mother started the business and the daughter stepped in later
to try to save it when it began to fail. I was brought in much later to
introduce a new product line.
Although I have a friendly relationship with the mother, I primarily
report to the daughter, who has turned the business into a profitable and
thriving one. Together, the daughter and I developed and launched a
new product line. After a very successful sales launch, I was feeling very
good about the work I'd done until I got verbally lambasted by the
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