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would understand and respond to accurately. Your language should be
free of jargon and seldom use complex words that some workers may
not know.
7. Clarity: I always have others read messages and provide feedback,
particularly if the message has some emotional content that may be
misunderstood. While I think I'm a good writer, my own emotions
may affect what I say and how I say it. I also take some time to think
about what I've said. Before sending the message, I mull it over and
rewrite it a few times. First drafts are notorious for being insensitive
and overwritten.
Can the Internet be used for many supervisory functions? Stofle and
Hamilton (1998) believe that chat rooms can be used for certain supervi-
sory functions, including those that center on cases: when confidentiality
can be maintained by use of code words; for discussion of team function-
ing; and to discuss new approaches to treatment. The authors also believe
that online supervision can replace face-to-face supervision when dis-
tances are great, as in rural areas or when students are placed in agencies
removed from a central agency or educational site. But, they caution,
online supervision requires a solid, trusting relationship and motivation.
The authors agree, however, that a problem with using the Internet for
supervision is the inability to see the non-verbal behavior of workers or
supervisors, but they have devised a simple code to indicate emotions.
Some examples are:
:) Smile
, g . Grin
:( Frown
;) Wink
:P Disappointed
:O Shocked
? What?/Explain/Why?
They believe the advantages and disadvantages of using the Internet for
group supervisory sessions are as follows.
￿ Disadvantages: Lack of non-verbal cues; technical problems with the
online process such as the server being busy or people getting bumped
off; poor typing skills that take time away from the process or confuse
meaning; space limitations that prevent the sender from sending the
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