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￿ The organization can draw from that pool to meet business strat-
egy needs and the needs of customers more effectively.
￿ More effective execution with workplace diversity:
￿ Companies that encourage diversity in the workplace inspire all of
their employees to perform to their highest ability;
￿ Company-wide strategies can be executed, resulting in higher
productivity, profit, and return on investment.
Implementation of diversity-in-the-workplace policies can be a major
challenge to diversity advocates. Organizations must build and implement
a specialized strategy to overcome some of the challenges of diversity for
their particular organization. These challenges include the following.
￿ Communication:
￿ Perceptual, cultural and language barriers need to be overcome for
diversity programs to succeed;
￿ Ineffective communication of key objectives results in confusion,
lack of teamwork, and low morale.
￿ Resistance to change:
￿ There are always employees who will refuse to accept the fact that
the social and cultural makeup of their workplace is changing;
￿ The “we've always done it this way” mentality silences new ideas
and inhibits progress.
Successful management of diversity in the workplace should take
account of the following.
￿ Diversity training alone is not sufficient for an organization's diversity
management plan.
￿ A strategy must be created and implemented to create a culture of diver-
sity that permeates every department and function of the organization.
(V) Recommended diversity steps
that have proven successful
world-class organizations are the following.
￿ Assessment of diversity in the workplace:
￿ Top companies make assessing and evaluating their diversity process
an integral part of their management system;
￿ A customizable employee satisfaction survey can accomplish this
assessment for a company efficiently and conveniently;
￿ Such a survey can help a management team determine which
challenges and obstacles to diversity are present in a workplace and
which policies need to be added or eliminated;
￿ Reassessment can then determine the success of diversity in the
workplace plan implementation.
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