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performance teams. Diverse groups across generations are found to be
capable of generating innovative ideas and executing more creative
approaches than teams that are homogenous. Mask (2007) noted in a survey
that the respondents indicated that managing multi-generational work
teams can pose some challenges but most of the evidence supports the ben-
efits of multi-generational workplace diversity.
According to a study by Yap, Holmes, Hannan, and Cukier (2010) ,
executives and other professionals perceive diversity training in their organi-
zations to be very beneficial. They reported that employee career satisfaction
and organizational commitment scores are higher than for those working in
organizations where diversity training is minimal or nonexistent. Even
though some diversity programs have been put on hold during the economic
downturn, the SHRM (2010) report found that organizations are still
making significant investments in diversity training and that this is showing a
positive return for those organizations.
The SHRM (2010) report describes three major workplace diversity
practices that organizations indicated they were using:
￿ Recruiting strategies designed to help increase diversity within the
￿ Diversity-related community outreach (e.g., links between organiza-
tion and educational institutions);
￿ Alignment of diversity with business goals and objectives.
(IV) Diversity will increase significantly in the coming years, and orga-
nizations will benefit by taking immediate action now and by spending
resources on managing diversity in the workplace, as follows.
￿ Increased future adaptability for workplace diversity:
￿ Organizations employing a diverse workforce can supply a greater
variety of solutions to future problems in service, sourcing, and
allocation of resources;
￿ Employees from diverse backgrounds bring individual talents and
experiences in suggesting ideas that promote flexibility in adapting
to future fluctuating markets and customer demands.
￿ Broader service range of workplace diversity: A diverse collection of
skills and experiences (e.g., languages, cultural understanding) allows a
company to address a variety of viewpoints
in order to provide
services to customers on a global basis.
￿ Variety of diversity viewpoints:
￿ A diverse workforce that feels comfortable communicating varying
points of view provides a larger pool of ideas and experiences;
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