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has highlighted the importance of this initiative. FOZ no longer only looks
for support outside of its member network, but looks more often within
the FOZ member organizations for sustainable support services and
change. FOZ includes a broad range of workforce opportunities to better
address the challenges of its constituents and members.
The FOZ alliance supports the following workforce services and
career benefits during the depressed economy:
￿ Access to high-quality family-centered programs to meet individual
and family needs that lead to successful employment outcomes;
￿ Wrap-around workforce services in a single location;
￿ Individualized job preparation;
￿ Movement from instability to job readiness;
￿ Mentoring to minority high school students and prospective college
￿ Training for career development;
￿ Providing support for families during personal and financial crises;
￿ Connecting families to needed employment resources.
During the current economic downturn the scope of the work of
FOZ lends itself to collaboration with additional community members
and organizations. Arizona State University (Mary Lou Fulton School of
Education) and the Arizona State University, Southwest Interdisciplinary
Research Center (SIRC) serve as the research and evaluation partner pro-
viding technical assistance, writing reports, and overseeing the research
and evaluation process.
Job layoffs not only have a big impact on workers' own lives but also
cause worry about the financial and emotional support of their families.
By providing and receiving adequate social support, the displaced workers'
overall well-being is enhanced. This also prevents deterioration in physi-
cal/mental functioning further down the road. Social support can also rein-
force the displaced workers' ability to make necessary adjustments to their
lives ( Mallinckrodt & Bennett, 1992 ).
In Quality of Life Therapy (QOLT), discussed in Chapters 12 and 13
of this topic, social support for others is seen as one of the core principles
of life satisfaction and happiness. It has been noted before that, when
people are emotionally impacted by disruptive events
such as
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