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are required to resolve the problem of an unproductive workforce and
long-term high unemployment. Those suggested changes are as follows.
The free market system works remarkably well for well educated,
highly motivated workers with strong work ethics and the ability to
be self-directed, but it works badly for many others. To keep people
employed, we think government and business together will need to
prime the pump for a long time to come by training workers, creating
new jobs, and retaining jobs for the less well trained and able among
us. Business doesn't get a pass while sitting on trillions of dollars that
could help train and hire more workers to improve the economy.
Businesses too often see outsourcing jobs to foreign countries as a
Organizations will need to continue to train workers and provide the
opportunity to gain new skills. Where families and the educational
system have failed, employers will need to step in. With increasing
numbers of people leaving the job market for good, organizations will
have to devise ways of keeping workers or face a likely labor shortage.
That is, a labor shortage of people who are motivated to work.
The idea that you can hire people for little and work them to the
point of exhaustion is repugnant and has no place in the American
workplace. It is a notion that ultimately results in people leaving jobs,
with no one to take their place. The attack on unions and the belief
that the economy will prosper if we pay low wages are myths that
result in the high levels of work unhappiness and burnout that we've
reported throughout the topic. No one looking at the data could
possibly believe that the country will prosper if we mistreat workers.
The American education system needs a proper shakeup. As educa-
tors, we can attest to the fact that students are not being held to high
standards and that grade inflation and social passes are robbing the
country of its competiveness. No American should be content to see
the current system continue to produce poorly trained workers who
have a sense that they are entitled to high grades just for showing up
or that the most memorable thing about college was the football
team, as more than a few alumni studies have shown.
You don't make a problem go away merely by wishing the country to
go back to better times in the past, as if doing so will negate the
realities of the present. The reality is that emerging economies are
producing jobs and workers who are hungry to achieve the American
dream of a high-paying job, a happy personal and family life,
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