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In this topic on job satisfaction, burnout, work-related problems, and
quality of life issues, we've tried to provide informed data regarding the
rates of worker unhappiness and the growing problem of worker burnout
and other difficulties during the economic downturn. This chapter offers
some recommendations and solutions.
As we point out in Chapter 1, even though the economy has done
badly since 2007, resulting in high unemployment and underemployment,
job satisfaction has steadily decreased when logic would suggest that
having a job at all should increase worker satisfaction. Part of the explana-
tion is that employers are asking workers to do more and more with less,
and refusing to provide proper rewards. Mirhaydari (2012) presents this
case when he writes, “Companies appear to be hiring more less-skilled
and less-motivated workers at low pay levels to get the same amount of
work done” (p. 1). These workers feel little loyalty to the employer, only
work as hard as they need to, and, when faced with the loss of a job
because of performance or the fact that they're burned out, sometimes
leave the workplace for good.
The draining of worker energy by companies who overwork employ-
ees and offer few incentives to work harder, diminishing the work ethic
and the desire to seek work elsewhere, has resulted in the workplace of
the future facing a crisis of increasing significance for the country. More
to the point the current thinking seems to be that the economy is coming
out of a recession and that, in time, things will be back to normal. We
don't agree.
Instead, we see high unemployment as far into the future as one can
predict and a loss of skilled jobs because American workers and employers
aren't preparing themselves for the new workplace. Nor do we think that
employers are looking beyond the bottom line at ways to train and keep
workers who are motivated and show promise. For all too many educated
and motivated workers, the workplace has become a place of drudgery
where work is unvarying and repetitive and low-skilled tasks are more the
norm than the exception. We think fundamental changes in the work-
place coupled with a dramatic improvement in the American work ethic
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