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settings. In the future, health care diagnosis and treatment may routinely
involve QOLT assessments. This is highly possible if researchers continue
to find that such assessments can identify displaced workers who are at
high risk for future disorders. Preventative treatment of those identified
on the basis of QOLT assessments as high risk could ultimately prove to
be extremely cost-effective.
There is a pressing need to develop a better way to address the social
cost of involuntary job displacement. QOLT is a tool to help address the
impact of the social costs related to unemployment. The recent economic
downturn should be viewed as an opportunity to deal with a potentially
long-term social problem. A comprehensive and collaborative effort will
be required to utilize sustained and increased human resources needed to
address chronic job displacement.
During this recent serious economic downturn there are a number of
ways to understand its effect on job-displaced workers' subjective well-
being (SWB) and life satisfaction. Taken together, these constructs consti-
tute an individual's QoL. SWB or happiness has been defined as what
people make of their lives and the circumstances in which they live. The
cognitive component of SWB has been defined as life satisfaction. Marital
problems and various other issues can also be related to the financial
crisis. Diener and Seligman (2004) also found that there are a number of
QoL effects connected to factors other than income loss.
Quality of life has been found to be a lot more than economic or finan-
cial well-being. It also emphasizes the value people place on non-material
factors such as social relationships, personal contentment, or the relation-
ship to one's work life. If meaningful work can be a source of psychological
and physical well-being, it follows that the loss of employment can be
detrimental to psychological and physical well-being during unemploy-
ment. Coping resources refers to the personal social and financial aids a
person can utilize to offset the negative effects of unemployment. Personal
resources refer to the internal constructs that include self-esteem and self-
Quality of Life Therapy (QOLT) is presented as an appropriate and
useful method of addressing some of the consequences of the recent eco-
nomic downturn on the lives of working people. The domains or areas of
life and settings that are impacted are appropriate and important for the
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