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could not rent the house. By the way, she didn't return all of my money on that
day and was unable to be reached after that. So, I wound up in my friend's shelter
for about 6 months but she allowed me to stay totally free, which was a blessing
because remember, I am not working.
Around the beginning of 2010, I did get a temporary assignment with the
US Census Bureau and was able to rent a four-bedroom house in S. Phoenix.
My children had been living with their dad for the past 6 8 months so I was
ready to have us all together again. The Census assignment ended much sooner
than expected so I was evicted. The landlord was very nice though and agreed not
to issue a judgment against me as long as I moved and left the house in good con-
dition. From there, I took a job as a cab driver and was able to get an apartment
in East Mesa, which I was evicted from within 2 months.
Here's the good part. I was really trusting God to provide my rent for that place;
I didn't want my daughter to have to go through another eviction. Well, the
constable came at 8am to lock me out and that same day at 5pm, I received a call
from an agency where I had applied for a housing program. They told me that I
would be a great candidate for a program that would pay a portion of my rent for one
year. I moved in with a girlfriend temporarily until all of my paperwork was com-
pleted, and in December 2010, I moved into my own place. Starting in February,
they started paying all of my rent and did so until September 2011. They still paid
a large portion of my rent in October, November, and December 2011.
Through this experience, I learned to really trust that my life was in the
hands of another. We may have plans but His plans supersede anything that we
may want to do. And He is able to provide what we need during the time that
He is preparing us. So, my advice for dealing with a bad economy or any other cri-
sis, TRUST GOD!!!”
During the next 6 months the client was provided with several
administrations of the QOLT Inventory and CASIO treatment interven-
tions. The client's overall QOL Inventory moved closer to a higher satis-
faction classification. There was also a clear shift toward a happier,
creative, and more confident affect. After a year had passed, the client
sent this note thanking the agency for its support and presented the fol-
lowing statement:
“My experience inspired me to create a women's ministry, whose mission is to
educate and encourage women to embrace their true identity, to make women
aware of the potential life changing consequences of compromising in relationships,
and to release women affected by illness and other issues from their shame and
restore them to their wealthy place in a spiritual life.”
Overall economic adversity has been found to have a negative impact on
the well-being and life satisfaction of people ( Deckker & Shaufeli, 1995 ),
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