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and the increase in stress as fewer workers take on much more of the
workload. Beyond the demand for workers to work harder and to take on
more assignments is the increasing awareness that some employers are tak-
ing advantage of workers and not compensating them fairly. This is borne
out in data showing that workers are often asked to work extra hours off
the clock and that there has been a substantial increase in the number of
law suits alleging that workers have not been paid for work exceeding
40 hours. The chapter also points out that American workers are paid as
much as $20 or more per hour less in salaries and benefits than is the
norm for European companies. Many organizations blame unions for the
loss of industrial jobs and unfair demands made in labor negotiations, but
as one high-level executive told us, unions and management are now
working cooperatively to improve production and save jobs. Keeping jobs
in the US that are vital to our national survival is something that will keep
American jobs at home and bolster an economy in the doldrums.
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