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￿ Very strong dissatisfaction in the areas of (1) Health, (2) Love.
￿ The Profile indicated low satisfaction in the areas of (1) Money, (2)
Work, (3) Home, (4) Relatives.
￿ The Profile revealed average satisfaction in the areas of (1) Self-esteem,
(2) Play, (3) Children, (4) Friends.
￿ The areas of the Profile in the highest satisfaction range were (1)
Goals & Values, (2) Learning, (3) Creativity, (4) Helping.
All of the areas improved slightly after several administrations, with
the exception of love, health, and relatives. The client's final overall qual-
ity of life classification score was in the average range and did not suggest
that they were at risk for depression. During the course of the QOLT
process the client became noticeably more interested in learning, trusting
others, less anxious, becoming more financially independent from signifi-
cant others, became more confident in finding a career, and became
more inclined to perform helping activities. By supporting the client in
boosting satisfaction in other areas of life such as spirituality, there were
improvements in other areas including work.
The client provided the following narrative about their experiences
during this period:
“I had a very different experience than most with the economy. I learned that the
workforce is not very favorable for individuals or families that may be experiencing
any type of trauma, such as illness. You either go to work at the appointed times
or you don't have a job and have to suffer the consequences of it. My husband
became very ill and was hospitalized for close to one year. My kids and I still had
to live, pay rent and utilities and buy food but with my attention and time needed
at the hospital, I was unable to find a position that would work around my per-
sonal life. It was then that I learned the key in dealing with any of life's situation,
faith in God.
I had always been able to find work quickly and easily. I have over 10 years
of experience in financial aid processing for students and with education being so
popular, there was no shortage of positions. I would send resume after resume and
went on some interviews but was not hired. I didn't realize at the time that if I
had taken a position, that my husband's illness would most likely cause me to lose
it anyway. So, I did the only thing I knew how to do, I just trusted in my faith
to get me through.
Before my husband got sick, the townhouse that we were renting went into
foreclosure. The owner did not inform us. We were going to be making our first
payment on our own since I cancelled my Section 8 Housing Assistance after I got
married. My husband went into the hospital and that month and the next went
by. At the beginning of the third month, I got a notice from the bank that they
had bought the property and I would have 30 days to move. To make a long story
short, I received money from the bank to move, since I had not been informed by
the owner. Then I attempted to rent another house, gave the woman the money to
move in and was notified by her when I came with my truck to move in, that she
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