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Box 13.2 The Five CASIO Strategies for Increasing Your
Quality of Life
Instructions. Pick an area of your life that you are unhappy with and are will-
ing to work on. Make a plan to improve your happiness with this part of your
life based on the five strategies below. You can also use these strategies to
make a plan to deal with other problems or difficult situations in your life.
What Is Happiness? Happiness, or quality of life, can be defined as the
extent to which your most important needs, goals, and wishes have been ful-
filled. For any area of life that you are unsatisfied with and that is important
to you, there are five strategies you can use to boost your satisfaction and
thereby increase your overall happiness.
1. Change Your Circumstances. The first strategy involves changing your cir-
cumstances to improve a particular area of your life. You could change
your circumstances by changing things like your relationships, where you
live, where you work, or what you do for fun. For example, if you are
unhappy with your marriage, you may seek couples counseling to
improve your relationship with your partner.
2. Change Your Attitude. The second way to improve your happiness in a
particular area of life is to change your attitude about the situation, to
correct any distortions or negativity in your thinking. Changing your atti-
tude involves taking a new look at any part of your life by asking two key
questions: (a) “What is really happening here?” and (b) “What does it
mean to me?” Many times our view of a situation or what we think the
situation means for our self-worth, our well-being, and our future is not
based on the facts; that is, our view is distorted. For example, you may
believe that your boss is unhappy with your work because he or she
seems to be ignoring you, when in fact your boss is preoccupied with a
personal problem.
3. Change Your Goals and Standards. The third strategy for boosting your
satisfaction in an area of life such as work or love is to change your goals
and standards for that area. The key idea here is to set realistic goals and
to experiment with raising and lowering your standards of fulfillment for
particular areas of life that you are unhappy with. To do this you have to
answer questions like
What do I really want in this part of life? How
much is enough? What realistic goals and standards can I set for success
in this particular part of my life?
Often it helps to lower your standards
somewhat so that you can gain some fulfillment in an area of life that
you are worrying about.
4. Change Your Priorities. The fourth strategy for improving life satisfaction
or happiness is to change your priorities or consider changing what you
think is important in your life. This strategy involves reevaluating your
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