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treatment strategies referred to by the acronym CASIO, and its techniques
are applicable to any area of life. The format of QOLT questions, mea-
sures, and administration are suitable for most workplace settings and cul-
tures. The general model of QOLT or CASIO is used for overall problem
solving that supports the findings related to the QOLI described earlier.
Specifically, the four components of life satisfaction depicted below are
combined with a fifth that is concerned with increasing overall satisfaction
by increasing life satisfaction in other areas of life that are not of immedi-
ate concern ( Frisch, 1994a,b ).
The CASIO model for increasing happiness and fulfillment considers
change in five paths:
￿ The objective Circumstances of an area
￿ The Attitude or perception/interpretation of an area
￿ The Standards of fulfillment for an area
￿ The Importance placed on an area for one's overall happiness
￿ Other areas not of immediate concern that can be applied to any par-
ticular area of dissatisfaction to enhance clients' quality of life.
Box 13.2 Outlines strategies for improving QoL according to the
CASIO approach.
During the recent economic downturn the high unemployment and
related social disruption is disheartening. Besides economic policies that
are needed to help stimulate the economy, government officials and pol-
icymakers hesitate to enact social policies that can better assist people in
coping with work loss challenges. There is a vital need for society, organi-
zations and businesses to also help buffer the mental and social impact
that accompanied the economic downturn. It is also important to recog-
nize that the serious social cost of the economic downturn will most
likely be much longer lasting than originally anticipated.
The benefits of integrated IQOL methods related to an individual's
quality of life are well documented ( Diener & Seligman, 2004 ). During
the recent economic downturn, some businesses may be resistant to pro-
viding the type of work environment that can be seen as supportive
toward employees. The workplace can potentially provide for problem
solving through cooperative and innovative workplace approaches.
Insuring successful IQOL opportunities across diverse cultures in the
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