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￿ The importance and satisfaction ratings for each item are multiplied to
form weighted satisfaction ratings ranging from 2 6to 1 6.
￿ A weighted life satisfaction profile is then computed by averaging all
weighted satisfaction ratings with non-zero importance ratings. This
score reflects a person's satisfaction in only those areas of life that he
or she considers important.
￿ The total raw score is converted to a T-score and percentile-score
which reflect a person's overall quality of life measure.
￿ Respondents also indicate, on a supplementary section of the
QOLI answer sheet, what problems interfere with their satisfaction
in each area.
The 16 areas of quality of life that can be calculated to accurately
account for the positive or negative degree of overall life satisfaction are
listed in Box 13.1.
Quality of life measures usually originate in one cultural setting and can
be translated when used in another social context. Unless the cultural
Box 13.1 Areas of QoL in the Quality of Life Inventory
Health: being physically fit, without illness, pain or disability
Self-esteem: liking and respecting oneself
Goals and values: attitude of life, beliefs about what matters most
Money or earnings: what is owned, secure future, money security
Work: type of job, career, duties, employed, unemployed
Recreation or play: use of free time, relaxation, self-improvement
Learning: gaining new skills or information
Creativity: using imagination to discover new ways of doing things
Helping: social service and civic action, helping others in need
Love relationship: a person in a close romantic relationship with you
Friendships: people you know and care about with like interest
Relationships with children: how you get along with family children
Relationships with relatives: how you get along with relatives
Home: place where you live and how you feel about it
Neighborhood: area near your home and how you feel about it
Community: whole city or town and how you feel about all aspects of it.
Source: Frisch (1994a,b) .
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