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United States and Canada if at all possible. Although unions are often
blamed for the loss of manufacturing jobs, Fox believes that unions help in
the creation of employee rights but have also demanded raises and benefits
that have become unsustainable because of global competition. It takes two
sides to negotiate a contract and both union and management share an
equal responsibility for having created unsustainable manufacturing costs.
However, in countries where workers have more rights and where the issue
of how they are treated can have legal ramifications, unions serve an impor-
tant function by agreeing to steps the company must take before a worker
can be terminated. But given the poor economy, unions have become
much more cooperative with management to make certain that companies
continue to be profitable and that jobs are retained.
Fox believes that many outsourced manufacturing jobs will ultimately
return to the United States because costs are going up in low-wage coun-
tries and the cost of shipping often makes a product more expensive than
if it were built in the United States. He also believes that it's not in
America's best interest to rely so heavily on foreign-made goods, since
our national survival depends on a robust industrial sector where vital
products are built at home and are not susceptible to economic, political,
climate, and military problems elsewhere.
We wondered about his view of Employee Assistance Programs
(EAPs) and whether they present a company with good value. He stated
emphatically that EAPs are vital to aiding union/management relation-
ships and often help troubled workers retain their jobs and resolve work-
related or personal problems that might otherwise lead to reduced
effectiveness and job loss. Once a worker loses a job and becomes overly
dependent on social programs, Fox believes that it reduces the motivation
to seek new employment or to upgrade skills.
As a country, Fox believes we face a challenge to reinvigorate the
long-term unemployed. Reducing dependence of welfare and unemploy-
ment compensation is one solution that will likely take place because of
spiraling and unsustainable costs; but, to make certain that jobs are avail-
able, Fox believes that we should strongly support goods made in North
America. Those industries, when revitalized, will ultimately lead us to
more jobs and better economic times.
This introductory chapter spells out the many and varied problems in the
current workplace and confirms that worker dissatisfaction is at an all-time
high. Reasons for worker unhappiness are related to the poor economy
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