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Literally hundreds of studies have been carried out for the primary
purpose of addressing individual health and disease-specific quality of life
(QoL) issues ( Bowling, 2001 ). Regardless of the purpose for which it is
used, QoL has been seen as a way of explaining an individual's personal
life expectations and goals. QoL can be best determined by how an indi-
vidual's hopes and desires are matched by what they are actually
experiencing. Individuals also view their QoL from the perspective of
their personal value system, culture, goals, and standards. People measure
their present circumstances in relation to a standard that they perceive as
most ideal. An individual places the highest QoL value on the extent to
which certain desires, ambitions, goals, and beliefs are most satisfying to
them ( Frisch, 2006 ).
QoL has been defined earlier as the degree of excellence in living
relative to some expressed or implied standard that exists in a particular
society ( Veenhoven, 1984 ). Frisch (2006) and others found that most
often QoL can be personally determined by any aspect of life. For exam-
ple, work can be excellent, satisfying, enjoyable, necessary, or distasteful
to an individual. From this perspective, the quality of an individual's work
life can go beyond mere economic or financial well-being. The goal of
an ideal quality of life is related to the subjective well-being or happiness
aspects of life that are particularly enjoyable and worthwhile might be
found that, beyond a satisfying work life, there might be an enjoyable
family life, excellent health, or the full development of one's talents and
Verdugo, Schaluck, Keith, and Stancliff (2005) reported that the QoL
construct has changed since its origin as a general organizing concept. It
has been more recently seen from an assessment and intervention perspec-
tive. QoL has become more useful as a framework for assessing quality of
life outcomes and a social construct that guides quality of life improvement
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