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Furthermore, the profit-sharing package that I had expected to have as a
significant part of retirement, although not nearly enough to sustain me along with
Social Security, had been decimated by the stock market hit that year and my little
'nest egg' had been seriously reduced. However, I was in better shape than many
of the other seniors I encountered and was able to pay off much of my outstanding
debt and could see that. While collecting unemployment, I could possibly find
something else to do to supplement my diminished income.
So the quest began. The first job I found was commission-only and soon proved
to be less fruitful than hoped. Through that employment I acquired a more satisfac-
tory situation with a base income plus commission. But soon, once again the eco-
nomic market kicked in and that employer determined that they could no longer pay
the base and would only be able to pay commission. Back to square one.
My subsequent attempts to find suitable employment proved less than fruitful.
Living on a Social Security income without even the possibility of collecting unem-
ployment because none of the jobs held had been salaried where the employers paid
into the unemployment system has proved interesting. Because of periodic jobs where
I have been paid on a cash basis and because I had been able to reduce my expenses
by paying off all of my debt, I am able to live from Social Security check to Social
Security check and handle my current expenses. The reality of the situation is that,
while the cost of living has gone up, the increases provided by Social Security have
not matched. At some point I am fully aware that I may have to give up my car,
downsize my living space, and hope that my health remains good.
Fortunately, I am an optimistic individual who finds the obstacles I may be
facing interesting and a challenge rather than the end of the world I once knew in
better financial days.”
This example suggests that many subjective aspects of this person's life
are being affected as a result of the involuntary job loss. It was clear that
this person was not only enduring financial hardships but a number of
other QoL issues as well. After several years without finding employment
this person has been able to develop some positive ways of coping with
the situation. Other job-displaced individuals may experience a great deal
more dissatisfaction and lack of success in various areas of their lives and
less capacity to cope.
Work loss factors might include the following:
￿ Loss of self-esteem due to failure to obtain satisfactory standards of
success in employment;
￿ Feelings of guilt as a result of the inability to achieve key personal
￿ Not engaging in favorite pastimes as often because of perceived finan-
cial constraints;
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