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quality of life (IQOL). This includes interrelated and interdependent life
satisfaction and subjective well-being measures of displaced workers'
perspectives of home, work, and community. QoL can also help explain
how loss of work can contribute to feelings of “sadness, depression, anxi-
ety or anger” ( Lucas et al., 2004 ).
Case Study: Diminished Quality of Life and Job Loss
This case offers a typical example of the many ways in which a person
may experience job displacement and a diminution of quality of life, in
respect of their unique individual circumstances, during the recent eco-
nomic downturn. This older, well-educated, and experienced profes-
sional woman expresses her present dilemma in 2012 as a result of the
“A few days before my 71st birthday in 2009 I was advised that my services
were no longer required at the financial institution where I had been employed for
the past 33 years! I had received exceeds-expectation ratings from the beginning of
my employment, and therefore my dismissal as a part of the downsizing being
implemented by my company as a part of the economic downturn of the economy
was unexpected. I was an Assistant Vice President of the company and my imme-
diate supervisor had informed me that his direct line superior had indicated that
my job was secure.
Because of the nature of the organization I was informed that I should 'take
my purse and leave the building immediately.' I should make an appointment to
return at a later date to pick up any other personal items still remaining, at which
time a security officer of the bank would escort me out. In retrospect, I was in
shock because I remained calm throughout and my immediate supervisor appeared
more upset than I was at this outcome. It was not until the following Saturday
when I returned for my personal items and was sitting in my car surrounded by
the accumulation of personal effects from a 33-year job that it finally hit me.
It had not been my intention to retire at this time, although I was 71 years
of age. I was in excellent health, energetic and considered more than competent to
perform the expectations of my job. Now at the age of 71 years I was thrown into
a job market comprised of young people just out of college looking for employment,
other younger individuals who also were now out of work as well as the other
senior citizens in the same situation that confronted me in an economy in serious
When I considered the cause for this situation I realized that the company
had probably looked at the salary that I had achieved over a 33-year span and the
benefits that they paid for me as well as my having passed the normal age of
retirement and decided that they could hire someone for less without comparable
benefits and make a significant cut in their bottom line. My loyalty to the com-
pany, acquired knowledge and experience in the positions I had held were not a
part of that equation.
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