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getting better but have regressed. You have given her an unsatisfactory
evaluation which means she is automatically placed on probation without
a salary increase for the year which can result in the loss of her job if she
doesn't improve over the next 6 months. You need to develop a plan
with her which will attempt to make her a sounder and more effective
professional without destroying her strong desire to help her clients.
1. Why is she acting in such an unprofessional way? Surely her training
would suggest to her that she needs to be more professional in her
work with clients, or does it?
2. What readings would you give her to help her better understand that
by causing her clients to be dependent on her, they meet her needs
rather than the other way around?
3. What activities might you do jointly to help her move toward a pro-
fessional role with her clients?
4. Some people would say that what your worker is doing is really what
helping is all about. How can you help her see that her clients are
actually not being helped?
5. Might this type of problem suggest the need to treatment because it
so closely parallels co-dependent behavior? Go to the literature and
find out what
treatment approaches
seem to help reduce co-
dependent behavior in workers.
In this chapter on competency-based evaluations special attention is paid
to understanding the need for objective, measurable work objectives that
are at the same time realistic, relevant, and ethical. Discussion includes
merit systems and ways to set them up in a human service agency. In a
case presentation at the end of the chapter, you are asked to consider how
you might work with a member of your team whom you supervise who,
while a wonderful person with concern for others and loyalty to the
agency, at the same time isn't very effective.
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