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Ms. Smith is a very good team member and is always willing to offer
suggestions to other workers. She is always on time for supervision and
takes our meetings seriously. To improve the quality of her practice with
clients I have sent her to a conference on the use of the strengths per-
spective and another on competency-based practice. I see little evidence
that she is applying either approach and her ability to use the Internet to
answer practice questions, as I've instructed her to do, has been minimal.
In her self-evaluation for the year, Ms Smith notes no community
involvement, although she's been encouraged to become more involved
and has even been offered released time to join a committee working on
problems of our clients.
While she is well liked by her clients as is evidenced by high scores on
the client satisfaction scale (an average score of 4.5 on a 5 point scale)
clients complain in the written portion of the survey that she is overly
non-direct and much too passive. We have discussed this, and she agrees,
but it is difficult for her to be more directive and she continues to allow
clients to work things out by themselves and to be a passive participant in
sessions. Nonetheless, her clients improve at an average level. I am there-
fore recommending a salary increase of 3 merit points for her client satis-
faction (see the merit scale) as outlined in the agency's merit pay schedule
for salary increases, 1 point for better client functioning, and 1 point for
achieving goals set for treatment. I've given her 1 additional point for her
good agency citizenship. Each point is worth $200. Ms Smith's salary
increase will be $1,200.
In summary, Ms Smith is a good agency citizen who is well liked and
regarded by others. She is hard working and goes the extra mile in filling
in for others. Her work with clients remains average and she continues to
be too passive and non-directive with clients. We will continue to work
on this area of practice in the coming year.
Table 10.1 Appraisal Score, Salary Increase, and Evaluation Rating in an Example
Merit Pay Scheme
appraisal score
Salary increase
at $200/point
Significantly exceeds
Exceeds expectations
Meets expectations
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